With fresh new faces, new media partners and new industry experts to bring an exciting 2019 model and designer competition.

This year's prize:

A skills mission to Ghana sponsored by the highly acclaimed Global Mamas charity.

Ghana is celebrating the 'Year of The Return' for Africans in the Diaspora to go back home and explore opportunities for business, land ownership, investment and repatriation. This prize will give the winning African fashion designer a foretaste of such opportunities.

The list of contenders has been whittled down to 5 Designers....and now is your chance to let the panel of judges know who is the public's favorite when they decide on who is to be the winner.

Who do you think should win the 'Fashion4Africa Designer of the year (2019)' prize?

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- Representing Eritrea
Ferdosia is a modest women's clothing line inspired and designed by a western African woman.
The "Diamond" collection is feminine with traditional materials sourced in Africa.
House of  De Veer
- Representing Ghana
Grace De Veer of Ghanaian origin. House of De veer is ready to wear and made to measure clothing brand advocating on sharing different Ghanaian cultures through clothing celebrating individualism and multiculturism.
- Representing Zimbabwe
MoniekCube is a clothing label by Monalisa Ncube that aspires to cater to brides. This collection is designed to reflect the desire to specialise in wedding and occasion wear inspired by traditional tribal clothing from all over Africa.
Trail by Georgina
- Representing Zimbabwe
Inspired by the Trails of her life, Zimbabwean born Georgina Tshuma started the brand Trail by Georgina which caters for all with art as the source in its designs. Believing in keeping the earth clean, every piece of fabric is used in its jewellery range the "waste not " collection.



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 House of De Veer
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