This exhibition showcases artworks from Karen Alleyne(a.k.a. OYA Arts) a UK-Carribean Artist based in London. Through acrylic paintings, she invites the spectators to explore the natural divinity of the sacred feminine. The pieces take influence from her dual heritage and merge the experiences she encountered living both in London and the Carribean. The compositions draw from the African ancestry of the West Indies and interact with elements of black British culture. These elements entwine with gender to showcase the plurality and complexity of identity. Enjoy the journey of the Womban who has tapped into her full power and tuned into her true authentic self. This exhibition showcases and celebrates this voyage and explores the relationship women have with their external and internal selves, through colour, texture, shape and movement. This opening event starts at 730PM with drinks and an informal address, and there will also be a Q & A session with the artist. so come down and immerse yourself in an evening of art, music and spoken word! The exhibition will run from the 9th November until the 1st December 2019 at Azawala Art Gallery, Loughborough Road Brixton. MEET THE ARTIST Karen Alleyne ( Oya Arts) My name is Karen Alleyne, and I am a self-taught artist who currently lives in London. My art explores the beauty and complexity of the African diaspora, inspired by the time I spent living in Barbados and the UK. I express the duality of my identity through an Afrocentric postmodern lens and believe that there is a genuine sense of beauty in every life experience I have encountered. Good or bad, I paint an element of that experience and offer the essence of myself through my work. I wanted to focus on a series of work that celebrated female divinity. As women, we go through so many cycles of self and not all of us reach a level of contentment in who we are. There are many external forces at work that prevent women from stepping on to the path of their divine potential, especially women of colour. Through my art, I want to remind all women of their power and their natural rhythm. I want to reinforce to all sisters that we are creators, warriors and nurtures. We are "womban."

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Azawala Art Gallery
55 Loughborough Road, Brixton, London SW9 7TB
SW9 7TB London, London
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